The Eastern Caribbean Automated Clearing House was introduced in November 2014 to facilitate the automated clearing of paper cheques throughout the ECCU. To accomplish this, it is required that all cheques processed be of a specific standard (Canadian 006 cheque standard). For the majority of our customers, we supply you with cheques that already meet this standard. However, for those of you who print your own cheques, you are required to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements, which include:

  • 1. Ensuring the MICR line at the bottom of the cheque is in proper alignment.
  • 2. The date, amount and payee fields are in the proper positions.
  • Requirements are fully detailed at

    Please be advised that effective 15th July 2016, if your cheques are deemed non-compliant (i.e. they do not meet the minimum requirements), they will not be accepted. Please ensure that you take the steps necessary to meet these requirements so as to avoid any unnecessary costs and inconvenience to your operations. Please call on us for any assistance you may require in order to become compliant.

    Thank you.